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Pear Leaf and Fevergrass
I can still smell it, the pear leaf and fevergrass (lemongrass) tea beckoning me to abandon my preteen slumber to find my way to the kitchen. The aroma often  refused to hide itself as it danced its way up from the big pots my grammy steeped them in.  The freshly brewed organic cup of tea would wake my palette like it waked me.

Each time I indulged, my palette reminded me of two things; the wonders of a loving grandmother and the joy of an organic cup of tea. Both of these treasures have impacted me more than I could have ever imagined. Over the years I’ve learned that organic botanicals awaken the skin as they do our palettes.

My grandmother and her love for organic botanicals is the greatest influence on Glowmis. My mother, fathers, aunts, uncles and friends also share in this commitment to organic botanicals. In summary, Glowmis is the sum of organic living that is represented by organics from the Bahamas and other countries from around the world. These botanicals (in combination) create; safe, clean, mild and effective skincare for sensitive skin.