Vegan Beauty products

Vegan Beauty products: A sustainable and cruelty-free approach to healthy skin

The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters on our planet. The greenhouse gas released by abattoirs and the meat processing industry is wreaking havoc. Climate change is manifesting itself in once-in-a-century blizzards, flash floods, rapid melting of glaciers, abnormal rainfall, etc. It is time for us to sit back and introspect: has modernity pushed us back? A contradictory thing to say? But think again, and you will see our point: scientific and material progress have turned the clock back to an age when we did not have control over nature’s vagaries. Our modern progress feels more like a regression.

Animal products dominate our life. Even beauty products contain animal ingredients. The mass destruction of our nature to satiate human’s never ending desire is catastrophic for our planet. In this blog, we enumerate ways to eliminate from our lives beauty products that contain animal ingredients. One of the many ways is to adopt Vegan Skincare Products and give a new

What is the way out? 

Nobody is arguing against development and progress. But growth must be sustainable. Our convoluted idea of modernity has already brought us much misery. We must make our choices responsibly and respect the rights of the yet-to-be-born. Going vegan is one such sensible choice. Veganism is giving up on animal products: not only meat but all other animal products, say, for example, honey, egg, milk, leather, accessories, etc. Veganism also entails shunning using beauty products that are not cruelty free. In other words, use vegan beauty products and contribute to making of an ethical world. 

What are vegan beauty and healthcare products?

Vegan beauty and healthcare products shun animal cruelty. Our planet is full of bounty: in the heights of the mountains, you have medicinal herbs whose healing power cannot be matched by any manufactured medicine; the depths of oceans contain not only mysteries but also weeds, seashells, etc., that have unheard-of properties. When our planet already has so much to offer, why should anyone go around wantonly killing and maiming less fortunate earthly creatures and disturbing the ecology? There are shampoo brands that carry out experiments on rabbits by putting shampoo into their eyes! Disgusting beyond words! Medicines first being tested on rats and monkeys. Rats and monkeys cannot be used and abused to gratify scientific curiosity. There are countries where cows and buffaloes are skinned alive when they stop producing milk. The explanation goes that skinning animals alive is easier than when they are dead.

Vegan products save you from being and playing a part in such barbarism. Looking for skin-tightening cream? We have it sans the crushed insects. Looking for moisturizers? We have it sans the crushed bones of animals. When you have the option to make ethical choices, why become an active participant in animal cruelty? You cannot shake off your responsibilities by hiding behind hollow claims like “I am just buying; I did not ask anyone to make it.” There is a supply only when there is a demand. Animals are being tortured, killed, and maimed in your name. You, too, have blood on your hands.

The misunderstanding around vegan products:

 People who advocate vegan products and speak out against animal cruelty are dismissed as wokes. Well, there is nothing wrong with being woke. Woke means being awake and conscious, and making a choice consciously is evidence of intellect. You should not be afraid of being labeled as a woke for living an ethical life.

Vegan products, many say, are less effective. Bunkum is the short answer to such proclamations! Misleading claims by cosmetic behemoths who put billions of dollars into marketing have hoodwinked a vast swathe of masses into believing in the superiority of beauty and pharmaceutical products with animals’ flesh and blood! The truth is just the opposite: vegan products are more effective than other products. Plant-based beauty products contain active ingredients that can never be matched and equaled by animal-based beauty products. Vegan products don’t contain toxic additives, making them safer for use. Chemicals can trigger hair and skin reactions in many. You have no such worries about using plant-based beauty products.

Natural products and vegan products are interchangeable

At least, not always. Many beauty products call themselves “natural .”It is a misleading term to confuse you. So-called natural products can still contain animal-derived ingredients. Read the description of the products carefully, and you will know the ingredients used in their manufacturing.

Vegan products are free of animal-derived ingredients and do not contain chemicals like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, etc.   

Vegan beauty Products are more expensive compared to non-vegan products. 

The answer lies in the context. There are vegan beauty products that are a little more expensive than non-vegan beauty products, and there are cruelty-based beauty products that are far more expensive than vegan beauty products.

Using Glowmis Vegan beauty products:

We offer you vegan beauty products. Besides being cruelty-free, these beauty products restore glow to your skin.

Use only the Best face wash for dry skin female to save yourself from the irritation of rashes and skin reactions. Every day you are exposed to dirt and smoke that gets deposited on your face, and no amount of water can get rid of them. Glowmis’s best face wash for dry skin gently rubs off all the layers of toxic substances sitting on your face and makes your female skin healthy and shiny.  

Good face moisturizer for oily skin. Beauty products that use animal-derived ingredients in their moisturizers can make your skin lose its luster over time. It is counterintuitive but also a fact that moisturizers containing animal products can de-moisturize your face in the long run. Furthermore, non-vegan beauty products can be very harmful if your skin is sensitive. Glowmis’s Good face moisturizer for oily skin is good for taking care of your oily skin as it does not contain any chemicals, and there is no chance of developing rashes or other side-effects that are common while using non-vegan moisturizers for oily skin. 


It is high time we think of sustainable development in every sphere of our lives. We have a duty towards the planet we live on and an obligation towards those who cannot speak up for themselves. Buying vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products is a small but sure step towards restoring the balance in our lives. Glomis offers you some of the best vegan skincare products. You can choose the best female face wash for dry skin and equally good face moisturizer for oily skin, besides many more vegan products to satisfy all your beauty needs without having the blood of innocent animals on your hands. 

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