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Say Goodbye to Toxins: The Best Clean Skin Care Routine for Clear Skin

Detoxifying your skin is very crucial to gain a clear and flawless skin. Detoxification of skin is a complex process. Many people underestimate the complexity of the process involved in ridding their skin of toxins. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs more attention than any other organs? It is crucial for you to ensure your skin’s health by following the best clean skin care routine.

In today's world, our skin is constantly exposed to environmental toxins, chemicals, and pollutants that cause skin issues  like acne, wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin. With the growing trend of clean and natural beauty, it is more important than ever to switch to a clean skin care routine that is free from harmful chemicals.

Here, in this blog, we enumerate 10 ways in detail  to help you create the best clean skin care routine for optimal results.

1. Keep yourself hydrated:

Drink a lot of water. Water is essential for maintaining the health of your skin. The Institute of Medicines recommends drinking 10 glasses of water every day. A well hydrated body flushes out all toxins and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Additionally, you can use face cleanser for dry skin for optimal results. 

2. Dietary habit: 

Your dietary habit decides the health of your skin . It will not be an exaggeration to say what you eat is what your skin is. Health, smoothness, clarity, etc., your skin is dependent on the type of food you have. Eat food rich in fiber. Avoid going to bed immediately after dinner. There must be a minimum one hour difference between eating and going to sleep. Don’t eat food high on cholesterol and fat at night. Your body struggles to digest heavy food while you are asleep. Additionally, avoid eating red meat regularly. Meat is very heavy and your body struggles digesting meat. Having a healthy eating habit paves way for healthy skin.  

3. Exercise: 

The importance of exercise can never be overstated. Exercise is not only good for muscles and bones but also skin. Regular exercise makes your skin healthier, tighter, and gives it elasticity. Exercising helps you in keeping aging at bay. Wrinkles too do not develop and you feel energetic and young. 

4. Stay stress free: 

Stress is a disease that not only dims you mentally but also sucks life out of your skin. Maintain a good work-life balance. Sedentary lifestyle is bad for mental as well as physical health. Do yoga whenever you get time. If you don’t have time, you can do some breathing exercises. These breathing exercises are easy and you can do them even when on move. 

5. Cleansing: 

Cleansing is the first and most crucial step in skin care routine. It is important for dirt  removal , makeup, and getting rid of impurities from the skin. Cleaning gives your skin a fresh and clean look.  When it comes to cleansing, it is best to choose a gentle and natural cleanser that does not strip the skin of its natural oils. Avoid using products that contain sulfates, as they can cause dryness, irritation, and breakouts.

6. Toning: 

Toning is an important step in the skin care routine as it helps to balance the  skin's pH, remove any remaining traces of dirt, and prepare the skin for the next step. When it comes to toners, look for products that contain natural ingredients like witch hazel, rose water, or green tea. Avoid toners that contain alcohol, as it can dry out the skin and cause irritation.

7. Exfoliating: 

Exfoliating is an important step in the skin care routine as it helps to remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture, and prevent breakouts. However, it is important to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type, as over-exfoliating can lead to dryness, irritation, and breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle exfoliant like a scrub made with natural ingredients like oatmeal or sugar. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, a salicylic acid-based exfoliant may be more suitable.

8. Treating: 

This step is where you can target specific skin concerns such as dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. When it comes to treating, it is best to choose products that contain natural and active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients have been shown to improve skin texture, brighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

9. Moisturizing:

 Moisturizing is an important step in the skin care routine as it helps to hydrate the skin and prevent dryness, irritation, and breakouts. When it comes to moisturizing, look for products that contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, or shea butter. Avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil, as it can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Use a good face moisturizer for oily skin.

10. Sun Protection: 

Finally, it is important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Sun exposure can cause skin damage, dark spots, and increase the risk of skin cancer, so it is important to apply sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days.


A clean and natural skin care routine is essential for achieving clear, healthy, and glowing skin. By using products that are free from harmful chemicals, you can protect your skin from environmental toxins and prevent skin problems like acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. Remember to choose products that are suitable for your skin type and to always protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Never compromise on the quality of skin care products. Always use only the best clean skin care products for an excellent result. Cut down on junk food, increase intake of water, exercise regularly, and stick to a routine. Remember, short exercises done regularly produce better results than long exercises done irregularly. If your skin is different, attend to its demand differently. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for skin. Use good moisturizer for oily skin.

Glomis offers you vegan beauty products that make your skin healthy and glow. Our beauty products are free of animal derived ingredients. We are committed to sustainable growth in all spheres of our lives. Our ethos motivates us to bring to you cruelty-free beauty products, including skin care products.  


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